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Tutorials Work Group:

The Webtutorial work group aim to find good training materials and Webdevelopment tools in Vietnamese. On this site you can find links to programs and also what the tutorial work group is doing in this matter.

Hot topics for the moment is the Roundtable meeting regarding Vietnamese screenreaders. Read more about that meeting at the news page.

Webtutorials links

One main issue for the group is to support the use and development of Free and Open source software in Vietnam. We are going to make a long list of Vietnamese software on this site and also software available in Vietnamese.

You are welcome to add any software to this list by sending us an e-mail (se the webmaster link among the navigation links). Please state the name of the software, Website (were to find it) a short description, license and your grading from 1-10.

Table of Vietnamese Software / Software in Vietnamese


Short description



Keyboard driver









Keyboard driver



Office suite localized by Vietkey


OpenOffice vi

The OpenOffice project website



Linux distribution



Office suite (Linux)



Office suite (Linux)


Debian vi

Linux distribution


Debian vi_VN

Language like modern Vietnam



Vietnamese Linux User Group






Translation The GNU Privacy Guard



Translation of the GNU project