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ISOC Vietnam archive

On this page you can find links to the ISOC Vietnam archive.

Round tables and events

Mailinglists archive



Round-tables / events:

14-Sep-02: ISOC meeting: Vietnamese Text-to-speech and its application to the Internet.
Minutes 020914
Translation of an article in i-Today Vietnam

20-Apr-02: ISOC meeting: Web accessibility in Vietnam.
Minutes 020420
Joakim Löfkvist: Web accessibility in Reality
Translation of an article from VASC (Word document 21.6 kb)

02-Mar-02: ISOC meeting at Giang Vo street (restaurant Pumpkin) regarding the history of Internet in Vietnam.
Minutes 020302

19-Jan-02: Information and Rural Diversification in the Vietnamese Transitional Period - A Village Case Study
Minutes 020119

26-Dec-01: Unicode in Vietnam
Professor Tran Luu Chuong: UNDP Vietnams Unicode page
Mr. Dang Minh Tuan: Vietkey homepage

01-Dec-01: Government Decree 55
Minutes 011201
Tran Quang Cuong: Introduction of Decree 55 (text)
Stefan Probst: Review of Decree 55

13-Oct-01: Internet Players in Vietnam
Minutes 011013

22-Sep-01: eCommerce in Vietnam
Minutes 010922
Stefan Probst: Brief Introduction to eCommerce
- ppt, 787 kB -, 476 kB - Brief ... (text only)
Stefan Probst: eCommerce - Current Situation in Vietnam
- ppt, 272 kB -, 129 kB - Current ... (text only)

12-Aug-01: ISOC
Rosa Delgado, ISOC BoT: ISOC and Vietnam
- ppt, 92 kB - ISOC and Vietnam (text only)
Stefan Probst: Digital Divide in Vietnam - areas for private initiatives
- ppt, 90 kB

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