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Last update:
Friday, August 30, 2002 2:47 AM

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Minutes of Meeting

"Government Decree 55 on the Management Provision and Use of Internet Services"
01.12.01, UNDP Hanoi, from 9:00 to 11:15

organized by ISOC members in Vietnam,
as a joint activity with UNDP's "Partnerships to Fight Poverty" Meeting
11 Participants

Vern Weitzel, UNDP Hanoi and ISOC member:
Welcome to everyone.

Stefan Probst, ISOC member in Vietnam:
Brief Introduction to ISOC (579 kB) (337 kB)

Tran Quang Cuong, DGPT, Post & Telecom Policy Department:
Introduction to Decree 55

Stefan Probst, ISOC member in Vietnam:
Review of Decree 55

Questions, Answers, Discussion:
- On the whole, he is pleased with the progress within the new Decree.
- OSP: Some areas are regulated by other ministries, e.g. obviously some things like on-line gambling and selling of illegal drugs may be prohibited.
Telecom area is regulated by DGPT. Some services (e.g. providing of basic telecom services) will be prohibited, but VAS (value added services) will be not.
- VAS: Accept the WTO definition of VAS; email (e.g. a mail service like Yahoo!) is considered a value added service.
- BTA provision are available for USA only. Negotiations began with
the textile industry but the government expanded them to telecom. The
EU does not have such a favourable agreement but will probably wish to
negotiate a better footing. Trade agreements will move to align to the
BTA and this will accelerate WTO accession.
Alain Chevalier:
- if VN does not grant the EU the same status like the US, then the EU will rise existing low barriers in order to "convince" VN...
Stefan Probst:
(several points, already included in latest on-line version of "Review")

Stefan Probst:
Thanks to Mr. Cuong for coming and "establishing contact".
Thanks to Mr. Vern Weitzel for taking minutes