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About ISOC:

The Internet Society - "ISOC" is a nonprofit, non-governmental, international, professional membership organization. It focuses on: standards, education, and policy issues. Its more than 150 organization and 8,600 individual members in over 170 nations worldwide represent a veritable who's who of the Internet community. More details are available on ISOC's website.

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Join us in the ISOC and/or subscribe to our ISOC-VN mailing list, which is open to all who care about the Internet in Vietnam.

About ISOC Vietnam

"To assure the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of the people, businesses, and the State of Vietnam"

ISOC members in Vietnam have started to meet and to discuss Internet related issues of general interest. Together with UNDP Hanoi, we have co-hosted several round-tables on various issues. This is an ongoing activity. We envisage cooperation with the local UNESCO office, where we see possible synergies, and in line with ISOC's status as an UNESCO recognised global NGO.

Our organization is planned to initially be a virtual one, with subchapters in Hanoi, HCMC, and for "Vietnamese and friends abroad". Once we fulfill all requirements, we will form an official national Chapter of ISOC in Vietnam.