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ISOC Vietnam linksite

This linksite is sorted in the same way as our workgroups.

Standards and Technology


Unicode (Unicode Inc.) (
The Unicode Standard is a character coding system designed to support the worldwide interchange, processing, and display of the written texts of the diverse languages of the modern world.

UniKey (
This is a small, free and good Vietnamese keyboard driver and converter for Unicode.

You can download Vietnamese Unicode fonts at these places:

Unipad at (Freeware)
The Unicoder's "Swiss Knife" - and a "must have", if you really want to
know what's going on inside an Unicode file (e.g. to test combining
character effects). The new release (0.97 - out since a few weeks only) has
even more support for all kinds of Vietnamese encodings - and VN Unicode

Vietnamese Unicode FAQs at
A good site that explain Unicode and links to pages in how to write Unicode for Vietnamese people.

EmEditor at (Shareware)
A fast Unicode text editor which features syntax highlighting for many
programming languages (e.g. HTML, XML, PHP, ASP, etc.), and which can
import and export in many file formats (incl. UTF-8).

Education and Training


W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) (
This is the main standard and recommendation organization for the development of websites.

W3C School (
This is a very good webschool from the standard consortum itself. If you go through this school you will a good knowledge in how to built good and scalable webpages. It can also be used as an online helper when making websites.

10 QuickTips from W3C to a more accessible webpage (Vietnamese version)

Getting Started: Making a Web Site Accessible (Vietnamese version)

You also have all W3C validation sites at one of the school pages ( Remember that all your pages should begin with stating what kind of standard you are using. It is a very good idea to use an external CSS in order to simplify changes in fonts.

Bobby approve (
This is a very good way of validating your page accessibility. They also give advice in making webpages for people with different kinds of disabilities.

Curriculum for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines can be find at .

WorldEnable is an Internet accessibility initiative in support of the international goals of equalizing opportunities for, by, and with persons with disabilities.

9 pages about Web accessibility at WebAim (Introduction to Web Accessibility

Some Web sites regarding Web accessibility at Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Opera, IBM

Lynxviewer (
To see how your page looks like in a text only browser like Lynx.



OSS OpenOffice ( is the best Free and Open source Office suite avaliable. This is the first step to go from unlicensed use of other applications. A Vietnamese translation is on its way.

OSS Dictionary Installer ( is an Open source program to download and install different dictonarys into OpenOffice. It can be translated into Vietnamese by translating one small .ini file.

OSS UniKey (
This is an excellent, small, Free and Open source Vietnamese keyboard driver and converter for Unicode.

OSS The GIMP ( is the Open source alternative to Photoshop. All features you need is included. The Win32 installation might be somewhat tricky.


Ad-aware ( is a small and free spyware detector. It can easily be translated into Vietnamese by just translating one .ini file.

A free vietnamese anti-virus program from Bach Khoa Internetwork Security Center.

ZoneAlarm ( is an excellent, easy to use and free (personal use) firewall.

AVG Antivirus ( has a free version that is really good.

Web etc.

HTML kit ( is an excellent webeditor that includes links to W3C validation and also the tidy.exe program. You can scale this program up by downloading a lot of plugins.

OSS Mozilla ( is one of the best browsers today. It supports unicode and new webstandard a little bit better than IE. It also includes a free composer for Websites.

More free Unicode typing and conversion programs:
VPS Key from VPS Vietnamese Professional Society
WinVNkey from the TriChlor Software Group
VL Conversion from VLID Co
Viet to Unicode Converter from vovisoft (need registration)
UnicodeConverter from Non Song

Public policy


An eCommerce page from Incombank regarding completing and submitting a comprehensive report to the Government in time, namely "E-commerce technique".


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