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Tuesday, March 19, 2002 2:15 PM

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Announcement : Hanoi LUG the 04/07/07 at 7 pm

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Sorry for Cross posting

Vietnamese version will follow

The Hanoi LUG (Linux User Group) and other groups interested in Free and =

Open Source Software will have an informal meeting where we
are going to discuss very important things.

1 - Activities for the Software Freedom Day the 28 august 2004
2 - When we meet the next time
3 - Fun/coffee/tea/beer

Where :

Hai Xom
181 Giang Vo

When :

Wednesday the 7th day of the 7th month at 7 O'clock in the evening
(2004-07-07 at 7 PM)

Please confirm your presence if possible, by email


Nh=C3=B3m Hanoi LUG (Linux User Group) v=C3=A0 c=C3=A1c nh=C3=B3m quan t=C3=
=A2m =C4=91=C3=AA=CC=81n ph=E1=BA=A7n m=E1=BB=81m t=E1=BB=B1=20
do v=C3=A0 m=C3=A3 ngu=E1=BB=93n m=E1=BB=9F kh=C3=A1c s=E1=BA=BD c=C3=B3 =
m=E1=BB=99t bu=E1=BB=95i g=E1=BA=B7p g=E1=BB=A1 th=C3=A2n m=E1=BA=ADt =C4=
=91=E1=BB=83 n=C3=B3i chuy=E1=BB=87n v=E1=BB=81=20
nh=E1=BB=AFng v=E1=BA=A5n =C4=91=E1=BB=81 r=E1=BA=A5t quan tr=E1=BB=8Dng =
sau =C4=91=C3=A2y:

1 - C=C3=A1c ho=E1=BA=A1t =C4=91=E1=BB=99ng k=E1=BB=B7 ni=E1=BB=87m ng=C3=
=A0y Software Freedom Day=20
( 28 th=C3=A1ng 8 n=C4=83m 2004
2 - Khi n=C3=A0o c=C3=A1c nh=C3=B3m s=E1=BA=BD g=E1=BA=B7p m=E1=BA=B7t l=E1=
=BA=A7n sau
3 - C=C3=A0 ph=C3=AA/tr=C3=A0/beer v=C3=A0 c=C3=A1c ho=E1=BA=A1t =C4=91=E1=
=BB=99ng vui v=E1=BA=BB

=C4=90=E1=BB=8Ba =C4=91i=E1=BB=83m:
H=E1=BA=A3i X=E1=BB=93m
181 Gi=E1=BA=A3ng V=C3=B5

Th=E1=BB=9Di gian:
Th=E1=BB=A9 t=C6=B0, ng=C3=A0y 7 th=C3=A1ng 7 v=C3=A0o l=C3=BAc 7 gi=E1=BB=
=9D t=E1=BB=91i
(2004-07-07 lu=CC=81c 7PM)

=C4=91=E1=BB=81 ngh=E1=BB=8B x=C3=A1c nh=E1=BA=ADn s=E1=BB=B1 c=C3=B3 m=E1=
=BA=B7t c=E1=BB=A7a b=E1=BA=A1n trong cu=E1=BB=99c h=E1=BB=8Dp.


Nguyen Dinh Nam
Tel: 04-8361390
Cell: 0953319133

Hanoi Cryptographic Group
Tel: 04-7685161

David Tremblay
IT analyst
Oxfam Qu=C3=A9bec-Hanoi
Tel: (84-4) 853 0632 #111
Mob: 09 12 47 4995
Fax: (84-4) 843 0472

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