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Tuesday, March 19, 2002 2:15 PM

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The 20th "First eCommerce Site in Vietnam" which isn't one

Dear All,

I know, it is boring.....
Of course, again no online payment. Instead of "check out" (to pay), you
can send a mail to the seller: "Request for Quote", which means, that the
site does not even do the first step of eCommerce: a legally binding offer,
let alone all the others.

Simply ridiculous to call that "eCommerce".
And they are also no "first" at all.


Here is the article:

E-commerce site to link local firms with world

HA NOI The country's first e-commerce gateway will debut the end of this
month, according to its operator the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The gateway, at, is designed to help build a bridge through
the internet between Vietnamese enterprises and the international business

It will enable users to conduct entire transactions online, from seeking
information and making enquiries, to placing orders and making payments.

The gateway will also serve as an efficient tool for Vietnamese enterprises
to expand overseas and for international businesses to obtain information
about Vietnamese products, services and suppliers.

Besides local market information, the gateway will also provide foreign
businesses an understanding of the Vietnamese legal and regulatory
frameworks and business practices.

It will initially focus on handicraft products and enterprises, carrying on
the website nearly 2,000 products in nine categories of handicrafts,
ranging from ceramics to iron.

Businesses will be allowed to display their products on the site for free
for the first two years. VNS

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