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Tuesday, March 19, 2002 2:15 PM

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[ISOC announce] Roundtable 20002-04-20 on Internet Accessibility

Dear All,

first an apology, in case you got that mail already via another list. I just re-setup the ISOC-announce list with eMail addresses of all participants of previuos roundtables, who indicated interest in ISOC. This list will be a low-volume list, just to announce events in ISOC-VN. In case you don't like to be informed, feel free follow the unsubscribe instructions below ;)
If you want to know more about our activities, pls. have a look at our website at

- * -

As you may know already, Thursday 18 April is the National Day for the Disabled.

We would like to take this occasion to offer a meeting covering issues in accessibility, particularly with respect to Information Technology, the Internet and the Web.
The speaker will be Joakim Lofkvist of Uppsala, currently web manager
for the ISOC Viet Nam website.

The session will cover accessibility of public spaces, real and virtual. With a little luck we will have a demonstration of computer
screen reading (text to speech) software. The first part of the
meeting will be for a general audience, especially also for people of the mass media to raise awareness about that issues, and a technical workshop (e.g. for webmasters, webdesigners) may follow.

The meeting, which is a joint presentation of UNDP and ISOC will be in UNDP Hanoi, entrance Ly Thuong Kiet (corner to Phan Boi Chau), Conference Room A. Saturday morning, 20 April 2002 from 9:00 to
11:00. All are welcome.

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