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Tuesday, March 19, 2002 2:15 PM

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To make a localisation of software sustainable


I would like to bring this issue up in order to gather information about the
current situation and also to find some way of moving on.
Please comment if you agree, disagree have ideas on how to move on.

I think that there are a couple of things crucial to the development or
localisation of software.

They come in no specific order and if it already exists I would be happy to
know about it.

1. Vietnamese computer terms. There should be some group working to
standardise the use of Vietnamese computer terms. It does not have to be a
University with both technical and language departments but I think they
could do a good job in this area.
This is crucial in order to make standardised translations of software and
documents. This is also important when you need a Vietnamese dictionary or
wordlist in for example OpenOffice.

2. Translation and localisation groups. There must be some group or more
correct groups taking care of this part. No one can do it all if there
should be sustainable and of good quality. Some kind of coordination is
needed in order to cover the most important areas. If we talk about free and
open source the idea to release them on an OpenCD fitts right in to it.

3. Education and training. If there is to be some domestic development there
most also be suitable education and training. To translate, localise,
contribute, bugfix open source applications is a very good start when it
comes to education and training. The groups mentioned above (Universities,
companies and so on) will gain a lot of skills that gives them a stable
platform to move on from.

Some comments:
I am a little bit surprised that the Universities have not already picked
there areas or applications to localise. Now the translations of for example
Mandrake are made by one single person and of course it takes him a very
long time. He did a great job though.

I have written a letter to people having free and open Vietnamese
dictionaries on the Internet to hear if they are willing to work with
OpenOffice. It would give the dictionary work a head start and maybe a good
quality. Later on it could be taken over by a stable computer term or
dictionary group.


Joakim Löfkvist

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